Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Beginning Was an End"

This blog will be about my experiences within the past 2 years without the love of my life, Ernest. I will try to summarize everything during this period, I am now 29 and a month from now Ernest will be back. I am hoping to finish this before we are together again and this will serve as a monument as to how I survived being without him. I will be brutally honest so if you are in any way related to me and can't handle the truth of our expeirences together as how I 've known it, then please refrain from reading. This is a personal blog and I am not trying to promote it in any way, however my friends are welcome to read it. If in any case you stumble upon this blog and was offended by it, please try to understand that this is my perspective and it may not neccesisarily be true to everyone including youself. I repeat, this is my personal blog- a venue for me and my friends to reflect and ponder upon whatever I've posted.

So let's begin with an end...

2 months ago a friend of mine told me that I was featured in the French channel and that they had shown my 5 minute short video as part of the documentary about the Philippine Cinema. I am an aspiring filmaker and that 5 minute short was a culminating exercise for a workshop I underwent at Mowelfund Film Institute. If I could only show you that short video entitled "Payong" it would have given you a glimpse as to how my life became for the past 2 years. It was a story about a gay guy whos' lover is leaving and had left him a red umbrella so as to remind him of his love which will protect and cover him always. The gay guy became notoriously lonely and ended up destroying the red umbrella. I meant to do that story because that time, it was happening to me in real life. Ernest was moving to Germany and all he could leave me with was his promise of loving me always...

So these stories that I will be posting begins with the end of my physical relationship with Ernest...

Here they are:


Blogger superman said...

Hey Jet!

I think it's a wonderful idea that you're doing this for ernest, and also for yourself. (In a way, slight din na for us --read: your friends). This will give us an up-to-date version of your heart, mind, and spirit. Which are oftentimes both transparent and hidden. I am sure that my heart will find time to follow this "epic" and and on certain rainy days, give my two cents..


3:07 PM  
Blogger K-BOI said...

jet! Welcome to the blogging world! well I'm one of jet's lucky friends to see the short film, and I must say I see jet's short films as a captivating mix of reality and art. And I have always been a fan. It is just now that i "completely" understood the meaning of Jet's payong. Not because I've seen the short film million times already (mind you I just saw it once) but now I understand the film deeply, because I've had a million chance to get to know jet better. :) And by understanding and knowing jet in a abstract sort of realization, Jet's films deliver meaningful messages that leaves mark to your mind and hearts. Mwah! kudos to you bestfriend!!

1:13 AM  
Blogger Georgieous said...

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7:04 AM  
Blogger Georgieous said...

Jet, your life is a movie. The people (us) will watch that must see movie through this blog and learn a whole lot from it. The combination of your life experiences, intelligence, creativity, added with brilliant dexterity makes you a true artist. You are inspiring in a dysfucntional but powerful and compelling way. We all can't wait.

(Ern: naiyak ulit ako dun sa vid na gawa mo kasi narining ko na yung sound ngayon. ahahahaha..)

(Jet: Post mo na yung Payong . Don't forget the credits. eherrmmm.. hihihihi..)

7:10 AM  

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