Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Again and Again...

It was a friday afternoon 2 hours before Ernests' plane takes off. I was trying to distract myself by working on some videos in the office. I was actually amazed at how detached I was with the situation, I was wondering why. An hour an a half later my phone rang, it was Ernest. The moment he said "Bebe!" I burst into tears. I surprised myself coz I was balling and balling like crazy. He was trying to comfort me but I wasn't listening, instead, I kept thinking "Why am I crying now?". Then memories swirlled into me, first of my parents leaving for the States. I was 16, my mom woke me up and kissed me telling me to take care of my other siblings. Next was of my then very young sister unwilling to unclasp her hands off me when she and my other siblings were leaving me at the airport on their way to the States. I stopped crying at that thought. Then slowly I realized I was experiencing the same exact thing at that very moment. Ernest said "I love you bebe, bye bye...Love you so much...bye..." and hung up. It was too much... I couldn't control myself, I had to release it. I ran to the washroom and screamed the hell out of me! It was unbearable! I was very sad and I was angry at the feeling. Why do I have to experience that again and again? Haven't I had enough? Why? Am I destined to be alone?

I am not trying to be melodramatic. What I'm trying to do here is tell you a significant part me which I think explains my behaviour for the past 2 years.

I'm actually very good at it. Trying to occupy myself? Such an easy task. I can distract myself from loneliness with a lot of things, like work.
When Ernest just left, work was doing okay til our video production company couldn't sustain itself anymore, so I had to close it. Sex? Me and Ernest agreed on an open relationship, it's practically understood, were gay, were horny. So for a time I found myself chatting on the internet and making people go to my place so I can devour them. Some I turned down and bitched at, some I literally drove off my house for they were hideously UGLY!!!!!!!!!! Some never wanted to see me again for some reason, not that I wanted to see them again myself. I mean it was just sex! From Ernests' own words "its like a snack!"
But like any other snack, you get bored at it. It wasn't enough to distract me. Whenever I'm alone, the feeling sets in. Tried to find work again and got some modelling stints but it wasn't as stable, I wasn't a type A model either so... So I'm back to what I have at home which is the internet. If I could only count how many times I've jacked off on cam and put up a show whenever I can't find a guy who'd go to my place and have sex with me, it would probably gross you out.
I got tired of it also... I needed something more. Something that would give me what Ernest has given me before.

A companion...

Then I started to hurt boys...


Blogger Ernest said...

You've had sex while I was away!? WHAAAT!? How could you!!!! Open relationship!? since when?!! hehe

When I tell others about our open relationship, I get mixed reactions. Some consider it a terrible idea, while some consider it a dream. I find it has the power to sustain or destroy a relationship.

What surprises people more is that Jet and I have been together for more than 6 years. The secret? Well, I'm sure my bebe will be telling that in the next few posts.

Love you be, more and more each day.

1:44 PM  
Blogger superman said...

and of course i would just keep my mouth shut to what you've just
written ernie. This is "your" story to tell.. hehehe

Although, I've never heard this explanation before (from jet's blog) about the "open" relationship thingy you guys have grossly agreed on.... Made me smirk and think...


5:30 PM  
Blogger Georgieous said...

Goodluck trying to get a "snack" after this entry... Jet, you will starve to death. Mwahahaha... I remember Jet's 'snacks' sometimes came to the house literally with snacks! As in food for everyone. hahahaha

So candid I love it! Only you Jet could get away with this kind of writing. Only Jethro.

Btw, I still remember that 'hideously ugly' incident. HARSHnessss... Pero at least iniwan yung food. YEY!! hahaha..

7:39 AM  
Blogger Jonh Neo said...

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