Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Artwork of Love By Kenji Nunez"
Okay! Finally! It's been almost 2 years since my last post, I wasn't able to fulfill the main purpose of this blog which was supposed to be a monument of how I lived my life without Ernest, the supposed love of my life. By the way weve broken up and I'll expound on that althroughout. Anyways, thus the main title of this blog "2 years without Ernest", which makes me think of another title, let's see... I decided to write again because I have been inspired recently by a dear friend of mine, his name is Kenji Nunez, who by the way is going to do a portrait of the one and the only "Queen" on a cover of an international gay magazine (as to who that queen is should remain a secret for now). Kenji is a very talented graphics artist who can interpret reality better than pictures. He draws and enhances them through digital manipulation, talk about modern art, he is an artist to watch out for in that field. Anyways, Kenji drew his very close friends including me who he considered family. We were all in awe at how he captured our essence. Personally I was amazed at how his art spoke to me, it could have been that he knew us in a personal level which should explain his exact interpretation of each one of us. But then again not only I or the other friends he drew noticed how special his work is because this artwork of his called "Love Overload" is the very reason why he is going to draw the "Queen", apparently the people from that magazine saw the artwork and contacted him for the cover of the upcoming issue in time for the "Queens" album release. Yes, I have been inspired, it helped turn my life around, I have been reminded of Love. Kenji expressed to me the kind of work he put on it because he wanted to show us how he loved us as his friends and how he values us. Indeed I felt loved. That is the reason why I am writing again, I am trying to put into account my experiences beyond the 2 years that Ernest is away from me. He is still away, but my world does not revolve around him anymore. It is only now that I've realized the irony of it all, that my world revolved around him even if we werent together. So now I am going to write about my freedom, and love as how I've grown to know it, that it is not only Ernest...


Blogger -nikki- said...

Some people just let themselves go at first, then you get your heartbroken and learn to be smarter about it later.
I heard that the only way anyone ever really learned not to touch a hot stove is to get burned. I think that is true for me in a literal sence, but maybe I just was listening to my parents when they told me it would hurt.
That's a good point though. It would be so much better if anybody we really loved could just add to our happiness. Then if anything went wrong we could still be happy, just not as much.

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